About the Festival Message from the Organizer


Welcome to Atlanta’s largest LGBTQ+ party! I grew up attending the EDC and Ultra festival with other LGBTQ+’s. Our community invented this genre of music. I wondered why we didn’t have our own festival? GAYDM is my way of giving back. Like Woodstock or Stonewall, you will look back in thirty years saying “I was there!”

I hope that you enjoy GAYDM! The message is “One Love” because I think now more than ever we need to spread the love.

It’s hard to believe I moved here 31 years ago! My first memory of an Atlanta event was the 1996 Olympics. Being a social gadfly, I met local celebrities as well as movie and pop stars. I also met celebrity DJ’s whom I didn’t know could even be “celebrities”. Backstreets, Blu, The Cove, and The Armory made me happy to be part of our cool LGBTQ+ scene. The ‘90s were pre-internet so to meet other people I had to go out. It gave me a PhD in clubbing!

I opened my first production company in 2003. With the help of Producer/DJ Manny Lehman (LA), I produced my first party at Club 1150. During the next five years, there were numerous events with the W, nightclubs, and countless restaurants. In 2011, I produced 156 events that year. That equaled a Chris Coleman Enterprises party every 2.5 days!

GAYDM on September 11 at Cellaris Amphitheatre at Lakewood is the first-ever LGBTQ+ EDM party that celebrates gay acceptance and equality among all people. We hope to bring all five letters of our alphabet together to unify our voice to affect real social change. Please have fun at this party! Your presence makes a statement. I thank you all for coming out! — Christopher J. Coleman


Marci Alt has worked for the LGBTQ Community for over 30 years. As a founder of Gayborhood Business Alliance, formed to support all LGBTQ businesses,  her stance has always been for truth and equality. She has continually fought for human/equal rights as a former Vice President on the Board of Directors for Lost N Found Youth. (www.lnfy.org) LNFY houses hundreds of homeless LGBTQ youth and creates safe spaces for them. She believes in GAYDM bringing the LGBTQ community together in a celebration of unique diversity.

CHRIS WINN (he/him/his)

I have recently come to identify myself as a part of the queer community and do my best to live with simple guidelines: live life with radical love and kindness and try to make a meaningful, positive impact within yourself and the world. Ultimately, my goal is to just be a good person.

After the sale of my most recent startup, I have decided to shift my focus towards intentionally making meaningful, positive impacts in the world. My efforts currently are focused on how I can affect change for homeless housing, healthcare, equality, and human rights initiatives.

I am working with GayDM to help create a quality event and safe space where the entire LGBTQ+ community can celebrate diversity in self-expression.

For the past 20+ years, I have been producing music and DJing around the world. I have held DJ residencies in multiple countries, including at Full Moon Parties in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. In addition, I have worked with Sony Music USA, EU, and JP. I have produced music under a variety of aliases, but my most recent music project is Ebbe und Flut, in collaboration with Adina Renee (a.k.a D’NA).

IG: iamchriswinn

SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/chriswinn

ADINA (she/her/hers)

My name means kind and gentle which are values I try to embody daily. As a neurodiverse, disabled, transgender, woman, who is a mom, wife, and musician, I’m passionate about increasing visibility and helping to create safe spaces where everyone in this intersectional web is welcome.

In pursuit of this passion, I’m a founding member of GayDM, whose goal is to pull the LGBTQ+ Community together and create quality events and safe spaces where the entire community can celebrate diversity and self expression. In addition, I’m currently working on developing a non-profit to assist transgender people with the logistical process and financial requirements for changing their names and having access to transitional care.

I’m a DJ and produce as D’NA/D’VA. I am also part of Ebbe und Flut in collaboration with Chris Winn. I’ve performed at ADE and have been in regular rotation at Odyssey After and Silent Sessions.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dna61