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With a new concept set to expand as the year goes on, a local nightlife promoter helps re-imagine the circuit party and amps it up for the 2020s.

On Saturday, Atlanta gets its first taste of GayDM when two circuit superstars take the helm at District nightclub.

“I’m incredibly excited about it,” organizer Chris Coleman said. “I think the nightlife scene is looking for a different vibe and a mix of different talent. We are bringing that to Atlanta.”

Saturday’s party features award-winning producer, remixer and DJ Danny Tenaglia, as well as circuit superstar Oscar Velasquez. The Grammy-nominated Tenaglia is known not only for his recording prowess, but also for live tours and self-branded events.

“Music is the answer to your problems,” Tenaglia’s BeYourself tagline says. “Keep on Moving, then you can solve them.”

For Coleman, Tenaglia is the ringer he wanted for the debut GDM event, as well as Velasquez’s sought-after opening set.

“Danny has been a part of the nightlife scene for many years,” Coleman said. “There is no doubt he will bring a deep House sound.”

“Oscar’s productions and remixes have propelled him to an international brand,” he added.

But make no mistake: GayDM is just getting started. The idea is to build toward the country’s first and only LGBTQ-targeted electronic music festival, this September at Cellairis Amphitheatre.

The GayDM One Love festival is an official Stride Into Pride event with Atlanta Pride and benefits Lost N Found Youth and Gay Georgia. It features 26 DJs, three stages, live performances and celebrity guests, Coleman said.

“The brand brings something new to the nightlife scene,” he continued. “We have nightclubs and bars, but we do not have an all-day and all-night festival with two dozen international DJs and producers performing in one live nation arena. This is a nightclub times 24.”

In addition to Saturday’s District event, more one-night events are in the offing before the planned festival.

“GayDM’s next launch event is a girls’ event hosted at Believe Music Hall on July 16,” Coleman reveals. “It will feature DJ superstar Citizen Jane and Sweet Heat’s DJ Dimples.”

Tickets for the women’s dance party at Believe go on sale June 19.

For now, Coleman is focused on Saturday’s event. He said bringing people together is his main goal. In fact, he hopes Gay DM contributes to the one change he would like to see in Atlanta nightlife.

“Atlanta is incredibly segregated when it comes to gay/straight, black/white,” Coleman said. “Looking on a dance floor with different genres of people, I think would be fantastic. 99 percent of us love music — let’s all get together and enjoy it.”

Visit the GayDM Festival site for more information on the Sept. 11 event.