Cazwell first became an underground icon in the East Village gay scene of New York City and has built himself into a world wide staple of club music and nightlife. He has always received the most attention from his sexy and original music videos that have accumulated over 10 million views combined. He is celebrated for his hits that get the crowd moving such as Ice Cream Truck, Loose Wrists, and the classic All Over Your Face. Cazwell collaborated with legends including Lady Gaga, Amanda Lepore, Adam Lambert, and Luciana. His latest full length album charted on the Top 5 Dance charts and has had five singles on the Dance charts, including “Get My Money Back”, “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King”, and “Tonight”. Cazwell has also been DJing for over 10 years and when he DJ’s he always integrates live performance into the set. He blends shiny pop with hip-hop, bringing it all together with throwback anthems that give extra life to the party. His performances often include sexy dancers and colorful visuals that make his shows stand out from the rest. . Cazwell is always producing and writing music for himself and other artists. When he isn’t on the road performing he is holding down his DJ residencies in West Hollywood.