DJ Tatiana – La Dura
Born in Madrid and based in Denver Colorado, Tatiana is one of the top international female DJs in the world. Dj Tatiana has earned her nickname “La Dura” (the hard one) because of her high energy beats, infectious positive vibe, strength and stamina in her sets that make everyone sweat, dance and jump around. Her passion for music, people and an undeniable energy that draws crowds to the dance floor has placed DJ Tatiana into a class of her own making her one of the most sought-after DJs in the game. Tatiana’s experience traveling the world has allowed her to become fluent in different genres fluidly mixing and matching sounds including EDM, hip hop, top 40 remixes, moombahton, house, Latin and circuit. Her honed DJ skills, mass following and extensive music library that knows no borders, allows her to play to any crowd and will make your event a memorable one.

DJ Tatiana has current monthly residencies in Denver, San Francisco, Houston and Los Angeles drawing crowds of 2500 – 3000 people nightly, as well as her other monthly residency at for First Fridays, the largest monthly women’s party in the USA. She also holds seasonal residencies at Tracks Nightclub, Medusa’s and at DRLO Live in Madrid, Spain.

Aside from these residencies, former Billboard DJ Tatiana demonstrates international relevancy, headlining events around the world.