Tommy Love has been in the music business for sixteen years, being considered one of the most important and respected DJs of the world, booked every weekend for the last years.

He’s been in more than seventy cities around the world, in countries like Brasil, United States, France, Australia, Ireland, China, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, to name a few.

In 2015 Tommy was nominated DJ at “The Week International”, one of the greatest clubs in the world.

Tommy Love is also one of the most talented producers of LGBTQ+ circuit. He has officially remixed artists such as Rihanna (Where Have You Been), Sia (Chandelier/Elastic Heart), Jessica Sutta (Again), in a solid collaboration with DJ Hector Fonseca. He also released an EP by Sony Music in Brazil. Not to mention three of the biggest recent circuit hits, the tracks “Bate Leque”, “Let’s Go People” and “Shake It Out”. Today, almost all Djs have Tommy Love’s track included in their sets.

Tommy Love adopts a modern style, playing high-energy songs with strong beats and drums. These elements, combined with his accurate feeling, make of his live sets unique moments. Besides that, he is a versatile DJ, reaching different kinds of public.

Live, Tommy delivers an explosive performance, with perfect mixing techniques, inserting samples and exclusive acapellas. As a result, the crowd gets a mix of excellent music, unexpected improvisations, in an unforgettable experience.